Saturday, June 01, 2013


We don't get to choose who we love, its one of those things that just happens even if you don't want it too.  It's rarely easy, it's rarely simple but it is ALWAYS worth the ride....


Each one of us has the right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness.  Everyone has the right to love and be loved in return.  GAY, LESBIAN, STRAIGHT, TRANSGENDERED OR BISEXUAL.  Sexual Orientation or Race shouldn't matter.  The FREEDOM to LOVE is fundamental as the FREEDOM to BREATHE.  Two adults should have the right to love without discrimination and intolerance.  Marriage should be available to any loving couple.  Lets end hatred and discrimination now.  Stand UP and be counted!!!

STAND 4 LOVE is an awareness charity project to promote the visibility and rights of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Straight loving couples to have the right to marry and be recognized by the law across the world.  It will be a picture campaign in Second Life to spread awareness and promote equality and tolerance.

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