Saturday, December 28, 2013

~Why So Sad Panda?~

Saddddddd Panda :(
There is so much coming up in the January edition of OMGacha, I just can't fit it all in!!!  This bench from Alouette comes in like 8 colors and has 10 animations and is staying outside for my thinking spot lol.  The grumpy lil fella hanging off the back is actually a head warmer but I like him dangling precariously from the back instead of my brain so he is staying also. 
The dainty little PEKKA collar comes in scripted and unscripted and is available at the FROST event until January 5th so still time to get yourself one. OHHHH and the Mon Ami gacha boots.....omfg are close the ones I have in RL that I have work for years...they are my default shoes well I don't wear them to the grocery store or anything, ok maybe once or twice when I was pregnant and couldn't get actual shoes on....ok now you know my dirty secret that really why I'm a sad panda :(
Loves & Kisses

Hair:   [elikatira] Youth
[ S H O C K ] Frosty Penguin Nails
dD - If I Were A Panda - Grenade Free Weekend @ Jersey Shore
 fri. - Thermal.Henley
Spirit Store - Santi rigged mesh pants
[mon ami] mozzi boots black - NEW @ OMGacha

.Pekka. Heart ribbon collar - White - NEW @ FROST
[Z O O M] Wo-onka Sunglass [NECK / ADD] - NEW
{Mango Cheeks} Meow Head Warmer: Grumpy - RARE - NEW @ OMGacha

Alouette - Outdoor Winter Bench - Grey - NEW @ OMGacha

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