Tuesday, December 31, 2013

~Country Girl~


Did you know in the country you can stand outside in your undies and no one will say a word?  It's one of the perks really, one of the very FEW perks.  So I am on inventory overload and have decided to make a couple of New Years resolutions:  I will not gacha as much, I will not worry about crap that does not matter, and I will be treated well (i'm told i'm worth it and deserve it).  We will see how these go huh?

The important stuff tho, i'm covered in new gacha stuff from OMGacha, this round is proving to be chuck full of goodies.  I've also tossed in one of DRD's newest releases for Fameshed and it's these little Ctrl Alt Del rings that give me a giggle for sure.  Hope everyone is ready for this round you only have a few hours of waiting left!!!!
Loves & Kisses

Hair:  [BURLEY] Dimitri HighLighted
Nails:  [MANDALA] Pale skin option long nails
DeeTaleZ Prim Teeth with tongue 

*chronokit* Shirts 02 Check Pink
*MC* Cheeky Panties - White - NEW @ OMGacha
(r)M~(ePunk) Boots+L.Sock~No.08 - NEW @ FROST
Tenjin - Princess Tattoo - NEW @ OMGacha

.Pekka. Cutuful Unisex Piercing - GOLD - NEW
-DRD- Post Apocalytpic Nerd - rings black - NEW@ FAMESHED
[Z O O M] Striped Sunglass [Brown] - NEW @ OMGacha
PMS - Skeleton Ring -Brown Antique - NEW @ OMGacha
.::C.C. Kre-ations:.. {Nyan~ Coffee} plushie orig mesh - NEW @ OMGacha
[PL] CandyBow - DulceDeLeche RARE - NEW @ OMGacha

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