Thursday, January 02, 2014

~Fool Me Once~

I have a whole rant for here but it's too late for it tonite.....You'll have to check back :P

Now the Rant.....

So I've had this theory for sometime and I think if you ask anyone thats been in SL for a while you know that it probably runs quite true.  How things normally pan out is whatever someone writes in their profile the exact OPPOSITE is true.

Someone that claims they hate lying are usually the biggest liars, those that say they don't do drama are the worst drama whores.....don't do sex?...ahem lets be for real please.  People generally look for the qualities in people that they wish they had.  So lets try this....stop apologizing for doing wrong and just STOP doing wrong.

*jumps off her soap box tossing down the mic*
Qweenie out
Loves & Kisses

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