Wednesday, October 29, 2014

~Halloween Town~

OMEN has done a lovely decor set for Halloween.  I will say that shrunk myself way down in order to fit because it is a miniature city, but if you had the prims available you could resize to a full city if you really wanted I believe.  As is when the entire set is linked it is only 7 prims which is outstanding.  I also put together one Pumpkin Head avatar from Shai to take over the little town.  Each piece is a different gacha prize and all are available thru October 31st...So you have two more days to go try your luck :)

Loves & Kisses
*Shai* Jill The Pumpkin Head - NEW @ Tag! Gacha
*Shai* The Pumpkin Body Brown - NEW @ Tag! Gacha
*Shai* The Pumpkin Jacket Black - NEW @ Tag! Gacha 
*Shai* Pumpkin Bowtie Black - NEW @ Tag! Gacha
*Shai* Pumpkin Skirt Pink - NEW @ Tag! Gacha

OMEN - Halloween Town - NEW @ Tag! Gacha

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