Friday, November 07, 2014

~Little Birdie Told Me~

Good News Everyone....Belleza has released their first update for the Venus Mesh Body and the neck is all better \o/, there are also some fixes for the clothing and tattoo layers, specifically adding a layer to the feet for stocking now.  For Omega users there is no longer the need to wear a separate hud either.  LNL sent an update all you have to do is wear the body, wear the Omega installer, click it and you are done with no fuss or huds needs anymore.  Belleza has also release the designer kits so get ready for some stunning clothes soon across the grid!!!

I can't express enough that Blacklace is the first, that I know of, to include an Omega hud in her outfits.  With one hud she has incorporated appliers for every mesh body part you can think of.  This really cuts down on the items in my inventory and a ton of time when putting something on.

Loves & Kisses
Skin:  -Belleza- Grace Makeup 1 SK - NEW
  Hair:  little bones. Flowers - Landslide - NEW @ Fameshed
-Belleza- Venus Mesh Body - NEW Update Released

~Blacklace~ Briony: Azure Blue - NEW @ Sad November

{anc} cocktailbird/ bird:white:stand RARE - NEW @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
{anc} cocktailbird/ bird:white:fly RARE - NEW @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

Bauhaus  Movement -  Jimmy 1 - NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative

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