Friday, October 11, 2013

~Meet Cheetos~

I should prolly clarify that cheetos is the seagull there....and i don't like to be a tattle but he did show me his pecker, all i'm saying :P

So why cheetos you ask?  Ok long story short I grew up on the beach and one day my younger brother decided to feed the seagulls, so he laid on his back on the beach and tossed cheetos into the air which promptly fell all over his body and he was soon covered with mauling seagulls, they are not friendly birds.

Today's post includes a couple of new releases for The Azz Show and a couple from The Body Mod Expo, Bishes Inc. has done a nice color range of Booty shorts for the the Phat Azz that make anyones bubblebutt look yummy.  Also for this event I've worn Elska's henna leg tattoo that also reminds me of my days on the beach, each summer we'd get beautiful henna done :D

As always I love my piercings and the newest from Pekka are understated and just gorgeous.  Perfect for those times you want a lil sparkle without getting stopped at airport security.

Love & Kisses

Shape:  Deetalez Custom Shape:
Skin:  *League* Isla Deeptan Natural
Eyes:  "tSg" WetLook Silver
Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Fluffy V13  Carnival Queen
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Anessa
[ S H O C K ] So Cute Nails
Lolas :::Tango Mirage :::
 ** Phat Azz
LUST - MyRetro Lingerie (White) Bra
Bishes Inc. ~ Booty Shorts Phat Azz Applier White - NEW @ The Azz Show
elska - Henna (Phat Azz Compatible) - NEW @ The Azz Show
N-core BAREFEET Flat

.Pekka. Dimp gem piercings - SILVER - NEW @ The Body Mod Expo
.Pekka. Wink gem piercing - SILVER - NEW @ The Body Mod Expo
.:it's Cake:. Lil Bow Necklace
37-bracelet (BK2+W)
[ SAKIDE ] Black Cranium Ring
RO - FAMOUS Ring - Pink

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