Saturday, October 26, 2013

~Street Rats~

*whispers* ok so this is my friend Oscar....aka the second hottest avi I have ever seen....I occasionally drool over him, thankfully we have sworn friendship forevers so makes it really easy to hang out with him.  I occasionally like to include my closest friends in my blog and he is one that I've wanted to join me for a while.

So the perfect opportunity came up when he asked me to take him shopping, so we headed out cuz who doesn't like to dress up a hot dude right?  The first store that came to mind that would fit his swarthy style was Chronokit and so far after a week or so of wearing it he's a ladykiller so I say I've done well.

Thankies Oscar, kisses and hugs :D

Stupid Girl of the Day ~ Qween Rayna

Shape:  Custom Shape
Eyes:  .ID. Twinkle Eyes - Green
- DAMNED - Luscious Lashes Thick
Hair:  . Liquence . - F3 in Genetics
DeeTaleZ Prim Teeth with tongue
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

.Pekka. Singles make up - 1  - NEW @ The Cosmetic Fair
*chronokit* Tailored Jacket Striped Gray
Fruk BioTech pants black
[Gos] Triumph Boots V2
elska - Friendship is Magic 1 - NEW

.S&C. Hippie Band - Black RARE
-UtopiaH- Labret Piercing
*** Just You Jewels *** Necklace Love Message Women

Stupid Boy of the Day ~ Oscar (henryatropa)

Skin:  -NIVARO- Baptiste Skin
Eyes:  Amacci Fudge Eyes - 19 - Big
Hair:  DECO - MESH Raked Up Hair (coal)
AITUI [MESH] - Stretched Ear -  Tunnel Hybrid 1"
Unorthodox Full beard
[MANDALA] mens SINRA NAIL/samurai black

Flirt - Guy Liner 1
*chronokit* Tailored Jacket Leather Black
*chronokit* Cropped Sarrouel Pants Striped Black
SHIVER - Tank Top White
[Gos] Triumph Boot
[Sleepy Bozer] Times Up Tattoo

- .HoD. - Bulletproof v2  - Silver Lining
- .HoD. - Mercenary - 3 Strikes Razors
- .HoD. - Mercenary - Collective Dogtag Chain
- .HoD. - TV Piercing 3 - Razor

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