Saturday, August 16, 2014

~Life's A Beach~

I seen the Labyrinth mesh head at The Men's Dept this round and had to give it a shot.  In my opinion it works quite well and for the price you can't beat it.  You receive a skin to use with it which again is quite the deal for the price.  It took me all of about 5 mins to get it on and all setup with just a few alterations to my existing shape and I turned into Mr. Rugged....RAWR.  It definitely smooths out all the jagged edges of a normal SL face so for picture taking it is perfect.  You can also go Labyrinths' main store to purchase a hud for some more options such as beard.  To show off your new skin and face you can scoot down to American Bazaar and pick up the August group gift and head off to the beach.  Hope you enjoy :)

Skin:  -Labyrinth- Mesh Head Skin (Med) - Trail Hair - NEW @ The Men's Dept
Hair:   *Dura-Boy*51(Wood Bark) - NEW @ The Men's Dept
*Labyrinth* Richard Mesh Head Shape (Renegade Series) - NEW @ The Men's Dept

[AB] MESH Sporty Bermuda XL Special Edition - NEW Group Gift

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