Sunday, June 29, 2014

~Viking Qween~

A BIG thank you to Darth Kline for helping me out so much tonite.  He did a beautiful build and post on viking stuff (Found Here).  So when I went to his sim and asked where'd he done it he told me to scram lil girl get out of my hair. NO NO NO thats a lie lol, he promptly stopped what he was doing and rebuilt the entire set for me to use.  So visit his blog, fav it, follow it and enjoy.

With such a beautiful backdrop me and one of my best friends Mav geared up and I promptly beat him to his knees.  Thats the story I'm going with anyways.  I took him shopping at the Fantasy Collective and made him a shape and we had a blast working this one out.  His entire outfit will rock at a GOR sim as well guys.  Hint Hint.  

I do want to point out to the ladies the simple yet devastatingly beautiful collar I am wearing.  It is new from Aisling, it comes with an open collar version and there is a HUD so you can get a ton of colors which I adore when wearing my collar.

Loves & Kisses

Stupid Girl of the Day ~ Qweenie

Skin:  Essences - Tila *TDRFusion* pale.02 - NEW @ TDR Fusion
Hair:   ~Tableau Vivant~ Lindgren Hair - NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Gesture/Elegant
Slink Womens AvEnhance Mesh Feet Flat  

Peqe - Viking Black/Grey Fur - NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
SYSY's Aesa Dress - black - NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Noodles - Astrid Sandals - NEW @ The Fantasy Collective

.aisling. Chandra Collar - NEW
[Keystone] Mella - Gold - Garnet Sun [RARE] - NEW @ OMGacha
+Half-Deer+ Gefion Horns (Silver - Bloodied) - NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
[The Forge] Viking Bracer (Brown Leather)


 Stupid Boy of the Day ~ Mav

Skin:  Clef de Peau:Mathias:T4 - NEW @ The Men's Dept
DECO - MESH Shifty Beard (coal)
Slink Male Hands - Relax

Peqe - Viking Black/Grey Fur - NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
The Fallen Outrider-Black-Pants 

[Stitched] Raging Avenger Helmet  - NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
*LODE* Accessory - Viking Necklace [silver] - NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
[The Forge] Viking Bracer (Bronze)


  1. Don't let her Lie folks..she said she would beat me to an inch of my life if I didn't help her...she is so demanding!

    1. Pffffttt.....thats wishful thinking Darth and you know it :P I am demanding though so thank you :D